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English and Expertise

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A good quality of leather

At Friendly Shop, all leather items produced in our workshop are delivered to you with a warranty card. Whether it’s a store or an online purchase, you will receive it.
A warranty of 6 months for shoes and 1 year for bags.

Why guarantee our products?
After years of research, we have succeeded in finding the best quality of leather and accessories for our custom products.
We work with passion, and the happiness of our customers is the most important thing for us. We follow our customers from the start of their purchase and until 1 year after. And that, wherever you are in the world.

How does it work?
If there is any problem concerning the leather, the seams, the sole, or the accessories, we ask our customers to contact us by email.
Under warranty, two options are then available:
-If the defect is repairable, we will refund the repair invoice (with a proof) by PayPal.
-If this cannot be repaired, we will refund the price of the product purchased from Friendly Shop, by PayPal.

No like=No Pay
If you are not satisfied with the end result of your order, we will refund the deposit, and you will not have to pay any fees.

A good quality of accessories

If the leather is of good quality, it’s also essential to have accessories of equivalent quality. The zips of our bags and shoes are directly imported from Japan.
We chose the YKK brand, worldwide recognized in the fashion industry, it is by far the number 1.

Again, before you buy your dream bag or pair of shoes, try sliding the zipper a few times. Indeed, the YKK brand is often imitated, but the quality is not good, trust us.
Importing them directly from Japan assures us of their authenticity.

The same goes for the rest of the accessories: buckles, loop, nails, rivets. Our suppliers are in Saigon and overseas to provide you with the best quality of bespoke products.
Because of this type of accessories, it is not uncommon to come across products of poor quality: silver or gold dye, rust, buckles that twist, even break.
Be careful!

At Friendly Shop, we assure you of an irreproachable quality of the accessories.