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Friendly shop is the biggest buyer of leather in Hoi An, and that means that we get the best batch available from factories in Ho Chi Minh City. Not only that, we stock up huge quantities of leather to ensure that we offer the best variety of choice in Hoi An.


What is all this fuss about leather?

You might notice that we tend to repeat ourselves quite a lot on this subject. The reason for this is that if while you are visiting Hoi An, you intend to get good hand made shoes, there would be no point in doing so unless you chose a shop that used genuine leather and this is not as easy to spot as one may think.


Fake leather

If you choose not to shop at Friendly shop but use another one, they may initially present to you real leather as it is harder to get away with showing a fake when it is just a sample, but when the fake leather is glued to your new bag / shoes, it will be extremely hard to tell the difference at the beginning… a couple days later that will be a different story.

fake_leather IMG_2348

(Fake leather left, real leather right)

How to spot fake leather?

If it is too shiny and feels to soft on the touch that would be a good sign that is it fake leather.


Why would the shops sell you fake leather?

One good reason is cut cutting, they will tell you that they are a lot cheaper than other shops and that is not hard to do when you are using fake leather instead of real. One must note than real leather constitutes 50% of the price of the bag or shoes. The rest is from the makers, the accessories (buckles, zippers, lining etc…)

So be aware of these shops offering very low prices for ‘leather shoes’ as they are in fact selling you a compromise of a shoe / bag, 0% leather guaranteed.


Damaged leather

Another problem with the leather business in Hoi An and unfortunately something that you will not be able to see is whether the leather used to make your shoes or bags is damaged or not.

At Friendly shop, there is zero risk of this happening, we are the no 1 buyer of leather in Hoi An and our suppliers let us choose the best batch, after we always meticulously check that there is no damage to the leather.


Painted leather

Every shoe shop in Hoi An, including us, receive stocks of leather every month that are different from the previous. Some month, we would have a particular color that we will never have again. In this case, we will honestly tell our clients that we can not offer the particular color chosen but others would just paint the leather… Paint on leather does not last.


So where to shop?

Friendly shop of course! We guarantee to offer high quality 100% genuine leather and if you are not satisfied with your order we will give you full reimbursement.

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